What is our standard

Selecting Legal Counsel and Business Consultants is about more than just picking a firm with mahogany and marble-clad offices and white shoe professionals. You need a team of trusted advisors with a current understanding of your specific needs and business models that can provide rapid responsive answers at a reasonable cost.

vCounsel® is neither an outside firm nor an in-house resource in the traditional sense. Through our hybrid service model, vCounsel provides the best of both models while solving the problems inherent in such models to provide you with highly experienced Counsel and Consultants that you know and who knows you and your business. vCounsel provides comprehensive services, instantaneous access, proactive legal advice to mitigate risks before they happen by leveraging a detailed understanding of your business similar to in-house personnel while allowing for flexibility, variability, and breadth of expertise similar to outside firms.

Experience matters


vCounsel is a first of its kind organization of highly experienced legal and business consulting professionals focused on providing efficient services at reasonable prices. vCounsel delivers industry-leading hybrid legal and business consulting services that provide companies with all of the best aspects that they have come to expect from outside consultants and inside employees without any of the negative aspects. Our mission is to provide your company with a level of execution that contractors cannot provide at a price that law firms cannot match.

why choose us

vCounsel leverages highly experienced Counsel with diverse backgrounds and global experience on a virtual basis, and provides a level of execution that contractors cannot provide at a price that law firms cannot match.

what differentiates us in this field
vCounsel provides on-demand services to you through Counsel and Consultants with no less than ten (10) years of actual experience, who come from diverse backgrounds with real global experience in BRIC nations, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific countries. vCounsel provides a level of execution that contractors cannot provide at a price that law firms cannot match.

proven industry experience


A New Legal Model

Christopher Usrey
Founder, vCounsel
Chris is the founder of vCounsel, an on-demand virtual legal department that addresses gaps and costs inherent with Outside Counsel and In-House Counsel by providing outsourced general counsel services, on-demand overflow assistance, document management consulting and technology solutions. As General Counsel, Chris provides comprehensive legal advice in the areas of Consumer and Enterprise Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property Law, Marketing Law, E-Commerce, Export Compliance, Privacy, Executive Compensation and Benefits, Employment Law, Corporate Formation, Transactions and Governance, Banking Law, Real Estate and Litigation Management. Chris has spent his career practicing on a Global basis, including leading technology transactions in excess of $25 Billion in North America, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific during his 16 years of practice. Chris received his Juris Doctor in Corporate and Financial Law from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 2000 as well as his LL.M. in Banking and Financial Law and Lending from Boston University School of Law in 2003.