Who is vCounsel?
vCounsel is actually a trade name for two affiliated (under common control by Christopher Usrey, the Managing Member) entities (vCounsel, LLC and Virtual Counsel, PLLC) that have teamed up to provide business and legal consulting services and facilitate ordering and payment through a single entity.
Why do you need two entities? Why is one a LLC and the other a PLLC?
Under the laws and rules of certain states like Texas, LLC's cannot provide legal services and the concept of a hybrid firm in one entity is not allowed. Therefore, to accommodate it, we formed two entities with a common goal, but different purposes until the law and rules catch up with a practical reality that companies need comprehensive advice. New York allows for this and vCounsel is exploring its options there as well for the long-term success of our clients.
Who provides legal Services?
Virtual Counsel, PLLC through its licensed attorneys, including the Managing Member, will provide all of your legal services. Where business and legal advice are not distinct, it will also provide business advice. It is very common in our practice that business advice is delivered with legal advice.
Why does vCounsel bill for all Services?
For your convenience and ours, vCounsel bills all matters whether pure technology or business consulting or legal consulting. Our hope is that one day soon this dual entity structure will no longer be needed.
Do you use any third parties to provide Services?
Yes, we use transaction processors, hosting services, and cloud-based services to provide the Services to you. Additionally, we engage with third party legal and business consultants to provide specialized services or make certain services available to you. Each one has the appropriate agreement in place to protect your information and you will not be charged for their services outside of what you have selected in a Plan or a la carte Service without notice and your approval.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes. You will have an opportunity to download all completed files. However, we do require thirty (30) days notice, so we can wind down our services and provide you with a smooth transition. You will be entitled to the services therein for the entire month. You can also get started again at anytime.
Is my attorney available by phone?
Absolutely. We hope to build a relationship with your team, which is why we have recurring plans so that we can continue to be at your service whenever your business needs us.
Do you operate globally?
Yes, vCounsel has experience handling transactions and compliance around the globe, including BRIC countries. Spanish and German language services are available upon request.
How long does it take to access my forms?
You will be able to log into your account immediately, but it will take up to 5 business days for your documents to be uploaded. We do not like to rush the process, and want everything to be tailored to your business! You will be provided with an expected delivery timeframe after execution of the engagement agreement and your initial meeting with counsel.
I just purchased a plan, how do I gain access to my account?
Our team will contact you within 24 hours (usually less) with your unique login credentials.
When will I be billed?
We collect your credit card info and charge your account once your login is created. You will be billed every 30 days thereafter— if under the recurring pricing plan. The amounts charged for services will not be subject to a pro-rata refund for the month in which services are terminated.
How will my company track costs?
vCounsel will email you an invoice each month that shows the amount billed, including the Service Plan purchased, the One Time Fee being charged, or the hourly rate plus actual hours billed.